Other than nominating through our website you can also vote on Twitter, Instagram and through your own website or blog.

Here are simple instructions for each one. Click to jump to the relevant section.

Please feel free to use our logo and branding in your communications which can be found at the bottom of this page.



Your website

Our Website

Simply head to our Vote Now page and make your selections


Simply head to the Football Content Awards Instagram page, click on the relevant category image, and tag the Instagram account of your chosen winner in the comments. You can only vote once per category. Images will be uploaded throughout the day on March 13th.


To vote on Twitter use the below Tweet template replacing @Nominee and the #Category;

“I am voting for @Nominee in @The_FCAs for #Category”



@Nominee – Replace with the Twitter account voting for

#Category – Replace with the relevant category below.

The below links are pre-loaded with the category so all you need to change is Nominee in the text provided or in the URL

Vote through your own website

You can include a voting widget on your site to allow fans to nominate you with one click.

To do so, please download the pdf below and follow the instructions provided.

Click here to download the Widget PDF.

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